We give our all in order to offer the finest
agricultural products and services.

You are our most valuable asset!

Join our team inspired by a philosophy of commitment, honesty, teamwork, passion and respect, in an exceptional work environment where everyone is proud to belong.

In Ganfer®, it is the men and women who come to work every day who inspire us. These collaborator’s work and effort enable us to go that extra mile every day to provide the finest agricultural products for the whole family.

Our People

The cornerstone of the company

Thanks to this team, we take great pride in asserting that we produce the very best agricultural products in Mexico.

Our team is made up of people with big dreams and high aspirations. This is why we’re always pursuing new challenges that lead us to fulfilling our goals. In fact, it is really about offering the most favorable opportunities to further their personal growth and development. To this end, we create constantly a work environment that encourages integration, creativity, knowledge and facing challenges plus personal and professional development. This is how we grow together while reinforcing our commitment to value each person and generate a sense of well-being for all.

You can either start out with us or continue your life’s work that makes the most of your abilities and become an agent of change. In Ganfer® the number of people in every area who day after day display their extraordinary capacities are distinguished for their high level of commitment, integrity, preparation, expertise and excellent teamwork.

We provide a comprehensive career plan for our collaborators to grow along with our company.


We are equipped with the best facilities and support systems to provide the most congenial organizational environment for all our collaborators. We have dining rooms and transportation plus common and work areas, all in perfect condition.


and Safety Standards

In Ganfer® we are especially concerned with the health and safety of our collaborators. We have adopted several measures in this regard, including accident-prevention training programs. All our areas and facilities are especially designed to ensure the safety of anyone who uses them. For this reason, we received the NSF SQF LEVEL 3, ED. 7.1 certification.

Furthermore, we have also implemented strict hygiene standards in common areas, such as dining rooms or transportation services.


In Ganfer® we understand the importance of areas devoted to sharing with one another. Our way of encouraging conviviality among our collaborators is to create areas and events that complement their work environment. For example, we hold soccer tournaments with players from different areas.

Join Our Team

Throughout the years we have endeavored to establish and reinforce a source of inspiration and work to benefit every family.

Every day we take great pains to create and develop a better future for you and your family. Come visit us, get to know us and join our team. Let’s grow together!

Ganfer® is only as great as its people!

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